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Youth Camp and Flag Football

Flag Football Field Map & Parent Viewing Areas

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Youth Flag Football League
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There are 3 different fun summer opportunities for youth interested in learning and playing the game of football. Detailed descriptions are listed below with all registrations handled by Athletechs at

  1. Youth Football Camp ­ Grades 3­-8 for fall of 2016­-2017 school year
  2. Flag Football ­ Random teams created each day ­ kids going into grades 1-­6
  3. Team Flag Football ­ Pre­arranged teams play a regular season schedule and post season ­kids going into grades 3-­8

Football Camp

Youth Football Camp

June 27­-30 8:30-­11:30am

This camp is run by Rosemount High School Football Coaches and players on the RHS practice fields. This is a great camp for teaching fundamentals of the game and for introducing the various concepts of the game. We work hard to provide a nice balance of instruction, skill development & opportunities to play in flag football & ultimate football games.

Skills to be taught:

  • Throwing, Receiving, Stance,
  • Punting, Kicking, Carrying the ball,
  • Pass Defending and much more!
  • Football Concepts to be taught:  Offensive & Defensive Terminology Defensive Pass Coverage Offensive Pass Patterns
  • Special Teams Strategies

Sample Daily Schedule


Stretching/Speed Lines


5-­10 min stations­ Learn position specific skills for offense, defense, & specialty areas.




Ultimate Football Games!!


  Leadership Lesson & Water

11:00 -11:25

F o o t b a l l G a m e s ! ! ( F l a g )




Flag Football


Each day all registered boys & girls will be randomly placed on teams in their grades.

We will then play 2 flag football games of 25 minutes each! Kids work on coordination, throwing, catching, defending, and pass coverage skills while having all kinds of FUN!!! We are interested in providing a fun environment where all participants play equally and develop a passion for football!

Kids entering 1st & 2nd Grade will use a soft football for a safer situation and to allow the kids greater success. An RHS Irish Football Player serves as All­Time QB for each game to help with distributing the ball to all participants.

Grades 1­-4 will play from 9:15­-10:15am

Grades 5­-6 will play from 10:15­-11:15am

** We are not offering flag for 7th & 8th grade this year. Those grade levels are encouraged to participate in the TEAM FLAG league offered this summer.

All Flag Games are at the RHS Practice Fields.

Dates for Flag : Tuesdays/Thursdays



Team Flag Football


New! Eight teams will be allowed for the 3rd/4th grade league, eight teams for the 5th & 6th league & eight teams for the 7th & 8th grade leagues. All teams need to have a minimum of 7 players. 5 players play at a time but you must have 5 every day so that you don't have to forfeit a game.

To form a team, gather your seven and select one of the parents to be the "parent coordinator" of the team. This person should contact Jeff Erdmann at to share first & last names of all 7 players. After sharing this information with Coach Erdmann, have all team members register on Athletechs. When all 7 are registered, Coach Erdmann will contact the "parent coordinator" to verify the team is registered and ask for the team color you would like from those not taken and your team name.

The cost per participant is $100. The increased cost covers the extra officials for the games. The league features a 7 game regular season schedule. Teams will then be seeded for the playoff season that covers the last 3 dates.

Steps to Form a Team

  1. Gather your 7+ players and select a "parent coordinator".
  2. "Parent Coordinator" emails Coach Erdmann with the first and last names of the players and then instructs all team members to register on Athletechs ( )
  3. Once all players are registered ­ Coach Erdmann will verify team creation and ask the team to "claim" the color they want. Each team will be a different color/combination so no issues arise when playing. Teams can also select a team name. Gold; Red; Black; Carolina Blue; Green; Navy; Gray; White
  4. A free training session will be offered by Coach Erdmann for all teams on Sunday June 26 at the RHS Practice Fields. 3rd/4th grade teams­ 3­-4:00; 5th/6th & 7th/8th grade teams from 4­5:00. This session will introduce offensive and defensive concepts to all teams so that you can customize your playbook and perfect your plays before the first game!

Teams are required to have standardized tops for all players. There must be a number on the front of the jersey/t­shirt to allow for easier communication on the part of defenses.

Dates for Flag : Tuesdays/Thursdays ­ Teams can practice whenever they want. Teams will be allowed to wear wristbands to help communicate plays on the offensive side of the ball. Make your own plays and wristbands!!! Each team will designate a player that will serve as the coach for that game.



3rd&4th Grade Teams will play from 8:30­-9:15am. 5th & 6th Grade team will play from 11:15-­noon. 7th & 8th grade teams may be at any time between 8:30­-Noon